Quiz Bowl Organizations

General Resources

The Quizbowl Resource Database
A database of question sets and past tournament results.

The Quizbowl Wiki
A user-compiled compendium of all types of information on quiz bowl.

The Guide I Wish I Had
Guide to starting or getting better at quiz bowl by UC Berkeley student Niki Peters. Includes list of study resources and quiz bowl lingo, as well as tips on specialties, studying, and etiquette.

Quizbowl – Splash 2012
A PowerPoint presentation by MIT students Lily Chen and Adam Kalinich intended to introduce quiz bowl to new audiences. A very useful resource for introducing the game to aspiring players, as it compiles all essential aspects of quiz bowl into a highly accessible format.

“A Guide to Quiz Bowl”
Guide to Quiz Bowl written by the team from Leland HS in California.

Question Databases and Readers

Quizbowl Packet Archive
An archive of tens of thousands of questions from almost every quiz bowl tournament since the 1990s available for free download. Question sets are organized chronologically and divided into “High School” and “Collegiate” sections.

A searchable and browsable database of quiz bowl questions that is useful for finding questions from a certain subject, set, or difficulty.


A multiplayer quiz bowl application. Its settings are highly customizable, and players can change anything from the difficulty to the question distribution. As the lobby is often filled with tough competition, players are encouraged to set up private rooms.

Study Resources

NAQT’s You Gotta Know lists
NAQT’s series of lists and summaries for common topics that come up. It contains frequency lists for works of art, music, literature, and non-fiction, and short summaries of specific themes such as “deserts,” “Civil War battles,” or “Norse gods and goddesses.” Though players should not attempt to memorize the information presented in these lists, they can serve as a springboard for further study.


A database of eBooks in the public domain, sponsored by Australia’s University of Adelaide. eBooks can be sorted by author, title, or subject material. eBooks are free to print or download and are displayed against a soothing background colour.