AQA Policies

All AQA Events use NAQT Rules with the exception of 10 minutes halves for HS instead of 9 mins.


  • Registration Policy and Qualification Information


      1. Teams are allowed to attend AQA events if:
        1. They consist of 1 or more members from the same school
        2. They consist of students in grades K-12 (inclusive)
        3. They meet the qualification criteria of NAQT or
        4. Receive special permission from AQA to participate.


  • All AQA events, unless otherwise specified, are open to all teams.


      1. The exception to this is that you may only “Play up”. This means a high school team cannot attend a middle school event, but a middle school team can attend a high school event.
      2. Teams do not necessarily have to play under their school’s name if their school does not allow them to do so.


  • According to AQA guidelines and in contrast with NAQT guidelines, mixed teams are eligible to participate if:


        1. The student(s) would otherwise attend the school they want to play for
        2. The team is not considered an “All Star Team”
          1. An “All Star Team” is an attempt to take the best players from other schools and put them on one team.
        3. The student(s) is/are not otherwise playing for another school during the season (unless actual school registration changes)
        4. The team understands and agrees that their status as a “Mixed Team” makes them ineligible to qualify for NAQT national championships (unless NAQT grants an exception).


  • Teams are ineligible to play if:


        1. AQA or NAQT has blacklisted them (usually due to continued poor behavior or cheating)
        2. They are severely delinquent in payment (3+ tournaments behind)
        3. They have already played the specific packet set for a tournament


  • Fees, Discounts, and Payment


      1. With the exception of the Arizona State Championship Tournament, all regular-season Saturday NAQT Qualifiers are 65 USD per team.
        1. The cost for AZSCT in 2018 will be 80 USD per team.
      2. Discounts are to be given in the following ways:

        1. Buzzer Discount
          1. A 5 USD Buzzer Discount is given to the school for each buzzer system made available for AQA’s use at the tournament, whether it’s used or not. Buzzers must be in good, working condition.
          2. There is a maximum discount of 15 USD for 3 buzzers unless otherwise discussed or specified.

        2. Staffer Discount
          1. All schools are required to bring at least one responsible chaperone. This chaperone is expected to be available to read or scorekeep should they be needed.
          2. If the chaperone is used as a staffer, the school will be compensated 5 USD.
          3. If you would like to bring additional staffers for a discount, please contact AQA in advance to discuss. Volunteer Staffers are always appreciated.

        3. New School Discount
          1. A New School is defined as:
            1. A school that has not participated in any AQA events in the past season AND
            2. A school that has not attended a National Championship in the quizbowl community in the past three years.
              1. This includes NAQT, PACE, NHBB, QU, etc.
          2. New Schools receive a 5 USD discount per team, and this is only redeemable at the school’s first tournament.
          3. New Schools that purchase NAQT’s New School Package will receive an additional 5 USD off their total.

        4. Distance Discount
          1. AQA offers a 10 USD discount to schools that travel 30 miles or greater to the tournament site.
          2. Teams coming from 50+ miles away may request that their schedule begins with a bye.
            1. This is subject to schedule availability. Not all teams will be able to have byes, and not all tournaments have a schedule with byes.


  • Registration, Deadlines, and Penalties


      1. AQA utilizes NAQT’s Online Registration System. This requires a responsible party (coach, captain, or parent/guardian) to have an NAQT account.
      2. Registration that isn’t made through NAQT’s Online Registration System is not valid unless otherwise discussed.
      3. Please specify if any students on your team would like to request reasonable accommodations in keeping with their IEPs/504s or have other requests. We will work with you closely to be sure students are provided equal access and equal opportunity. (For more information, please check the last section of this document).


  • Deadlines and Requirements


        1. The deadline to register is always the Wednesday (3 days) before the tournament date.
        2. Registration for each tournament opens August 15th of each season.
        3. Teams who register 14 days (two weeks) in advance of a tournament receive a 5 USD discount.
        4. Rosters must be finalized by the registration deadline.
        5. Teams are expected to have their best players on team A, their next best players on team B, etc so that scheduling is as fair as possible.
        6. See below for Cancellation Policies


  • Divisions


      1. Every AQA tournament uses two divisions: Novice and Varsity
        1. A “Novice” team is defined as a team that consists entirely of Freshmen and/or Sophomores for High School, or 6th and 7th graders for Middle School AND
        2. Does not include any players that received an individual award in the prior season AND
        3. Does not include any players that have been active for 2 or more years.
          1. “Active” players are those who have played at least one tournament in a season.
      2. To register as a “Novice” team, please designate “Novice”. To register as a “Varsity” team, please designate “Varsity”.
      3. Please note that according to NAQT rules, teams that compete in the Novice division are ineligible to qualify for any National Championship Tournaments.


  • Changes, Cancellations, and Penalties


        1. Changes to the roster may be made up until the Registration Deadline.
        2. A team may withdraw from the competition up to 5 days after registering (this is the grace period) UNLESS their withdrawal/cancellation coincides with the registration deadline.
          1. Teams that cancel after their 5-day grace period will be charged 30 USD each.
          2. Teams that cancel on or after the Registration Deadline will be charged the full fee amount (65 USD)
          3. Teams that are no-shows will be charged  the full fee amount (65 USD)
          4. If extenuating circumstances, including inclement weather, are a factor in your cancellation, please contact In certain situations we will waive the cancellation fee.
        3. Schools that change their rosters to accommodate no-shows or last minute cancellations will be awarded appropriate discounts for their flexibility. These are to be discussed and determined by the tournament director and teams/coaches.
        4. If a team claims the Buzzer Discount and does not bring a buzzer, a fee of 10 USD will be charged per buzzer. PLEASE BRING YOUR BUZZER.


  • Payment Policy


      1. Payment may be made in cash or by check on the day of the tournament, and checks should be made out to “Arizona Quizbowl Association”.
      2. Payment is due 15 days after the invoice is sent. It is the responsibility of the contact for the school to submit the invoice to the school bursar or otherwise pay the balance.
        1. A fee of 5 USD per business day will be incurred for late payments.
        2. Teams that incur late fees of 100 USD or more or teams that do not pay for 3+ tournaments will be ineligible to compete until the financial situation is taken care of.
        3. AQA will work with students, parents, teachers, and schools to be sure that fees can be paid. AQA provides a number of discounts throughout the year including the ones outlined above and additional promotions for AQA-sponsored charity drives, etc.
      3. Coaches or individuals that pay at the tournament by check or cash may request a receipt to indicate that the fee has been paid.
      4. Invoices may be requested prior to the tournament so that the school can provide a check. These checks should either be mailed to the address on the invoice, or brought to the tournament.


  • Behavioral Expectations and Student Errata


    1. Students, coaches, parents, and staffers are expected to maintain appropriate behavior. This includes but is not limited to:
      1. No foul language, bullying, or otherwise offensive speak.
      2. Appropriate clothing (no foul language, covers genitalia, does not promote drugs, gangs, violence, or alcohol and is not racist, sexist, or otherwise reasonably offensive to a group).
        1. AQA does not have any gender or sex-based clothing policies so long as the above criteria is met.
      3. No running, yelling, or unsportsman-like behavior
      4. Do not enter the Command Center without permission
      5. Any concern about rules, cheating, unsportsman-like behavior, or other pressing issues should be brought to the attention of the moderator and tournament director privately and immediately.
        1. Please do not accuse, harass, or otherwise make decisions regarding the behavior or alleged behavior of any students, staff, coaches, or parents. Bring it directly to the tournament director. The tournament director is available via text, private Facebook message, and AQA Page messages throughout the entire tournament.
    2. Photos may be taken of gameplay, but no video or voice recording devices will be permitted at any time during the game. School contacts are responsible for making sure parents and students know this policy.
    3. Question discussion is subject to NAQT’s rules.
    4. Coaches or other responsible adults are encouraged to contact AQA with any special needs their students may have. This includes but is not limited to:
      1. ESL
      2. Deaf/Hard of Hearing
      3. Mobility Issues (temporary or permanent)
      4. Emotional or Behavioral Issues
      5. Vision and/or Speech impairment
      6. Religious requirements
        1. AQA is committed to making reasonable accommodations to students in keeping with their IEPs/504s or other recommended accommodations for the student’s needs.
        2. Please note that not all accommodations can be made, and accommodation requests that alter the nature of the competition, provide an unfair advantage, or are not within our power may be rejected. However, we will work with you to find something that WILL work to accommodate the student.
          1. While AQA will never ask for specific disabilities or disclose information beyond what is required to accommodate the student, it is encouraged that you provide as much information as possible.
        3. AQA does not discriminate on the base of physical or mental ability, neuroatypicalness, race, gender, sex, sexual preference, religion, immigration status, country of origin, or anything else you can think of. We believe that all students deserve equal access and opportunity and to be treated like the young adult humans they are.
        4. By registering for and attending an AQA tournament, you agree to the above rules and policies.