The Arizona Quizbowl Association runs buzzer-based academic competitions for middle and high school students in Arizona.

AQA was established in 2013 as a way to revitalize the existing Arizona circuit and to provide a way to expand and improve the circuit. Since 2013, AQA has seen many of its participating teams go on to the High School National Championship Tournament run by NAQT. Most recently, AQA had 3 teams from Arizona in attendance.

While AQA mostly runs single-day events, we are also available for coaching, recruiting, organizing leagues, and bringing participants together. Our fun, light-hearted educators and former players are proud to work with some of Arizona’s brightest students and bring fun and competition into the curriculum.


Bunnie Hadsall (President/CEO)
David Godfrey (Vice President/CFO)
Son Vo (Team Enrichment)
David Kim (Co-Founder)
Gohan (Mascot/Therapy Dog)

Bunnie Hadsall has been a part of academic competitions since she was in elementary school at Whittier with Battle of the Books. From there, she’d go on to compete for Carson Junior High in the National Academic League and for Westwood’s Academic Decathlon team. She also participated in Cox 7’s Brainstorm as well as the World Scholar’s Cup. Upon graduation, Bunnie chose to travel overseas to help establish and grow the World Scholar’s Cup as the Director of Student Affairs. After coming back to AZ, she saw the need for quizbowl to become more organized and dove in. She has worked with NAQT on a number of outreach projects since, and is proud to see the state she loves reaching its academic competition potential.

David Godfrey spent his school years competing in chess competitions, Presidential Classroom, Youth in Government, Boys’ State, and Speech and Debate. He has valued scholarship since he was young, and attended ASU for a double major in Accounting and Computer Information Systems. His involvement in quizbowl came when (now wife) Bunnie decided to start AQA.